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1000 Paperclips

Useless and pointless.

Useless & pointless...
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I just made this community because I was bored at work. There is no real purpose for it. So, I say do whatever you want. Got something to say? Say it. Don't like something? Bitch about it. Wrote a story and want someone's opinion? Let us read it. Just looking to make friends? Just say "Hi". Want to post a picture? Show us. Have a confession? We'll listen.

What I'm saying is, You can do, say, or act however you want here. All I ask in return is that everyone be tolerable to each other. You don't have to like someone, but I ask that you tolerate them.

I have started a "Word of the Day," but don't think that is all this place is going to be. I did it because I'm just lazy and couldn't think of anything else to type.

So, join up and enjoy.

1000 Paperclips